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We believe, as people growing in our knowledge and love of Jesus, we are called to be His disciples.  Much like Jesus walked with the twelve disciples of the Bible, He walks with us in our lives as well. 

The first thing Jesus said to the Twelve was, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men".  The last thing He said to them was, "Go and make disciples". 

In between He put them through an intensive course of preparation and training for the day when they would be responsible to lead His church.  The training must have worked, they did a great job of laying the foundations for us today!

As you worship and grow with us, we will endeavor to help you grow to maturity where you can also fulfill the calling of God by being a 'fisher-of-men' who makes disciples.  We will build you in your faith and knowledge of the Bible.  We will help you grow into a deep, dynamic, and personal love for Jesus.  We will equip you to minister to people through everyday life.  We will release you to be a 'fisher-of-men' who makes disciples. 

If this is what you want your life to be; we may be a great fit together!

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